Friday, February 8, 2008

Brief Intro

Welcome all!

Jake (Snake) and I (Coach B) look to maintain this blog to help update everyone on our progress. A blog is definitely an excellent way to communicate our results and approach to others; however, I was so quickly overwhelmed with cold calls, program planning and research, and the scope of our project was so rapidly changing that I found it difficult to capture any concrete thoughts. Not too mention, my old T40 (~5 yrs. old) was starting to give me grief with HD and motherboard failures that made any remote communication much harder. It's times like these when I realize how I've taken technology and the internet as a whole for granted. Even more of a reason why I believe in the mission of OLPC.

To supplement this blog, I've also created a Facebook group to gather more interest in our project and facilitate some discussion about our objectives amongst peers.

We also encourage the use of LoudAppeal to continue discussion of all grassroot efforts outside of the Wiki medium. So get ready for one long post-update of the developments since July of 2007.

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