Monday, March 10, 2008


... Thank Goodness for G1G1.
My co-worker donated his G1G1 laptop for our HW development efforts. Big thanks to M. Koop for his generosity.

G1G1 Playtime: Setup network. Constructed sample probes for Mic input to investigate Measure activity's fidelity. Setup root and OLPC user passwords. Mounted USB drive.
Peripheral Development: Gary is re-creating an old Pulse Oximetry circuit. Jake has completed his 9V prototype. All final prototypes will be driven with the 5V 500mA source from the left USB port. Currently all parts procurement is covered by our generosity, but I will investigate alternate sources of funding (donations?) that does not involve filing for 501C3 tax-exempt status.
Lab Access: As recruitment efforts gain more traction on the Berkeley and Stanford campus, we hope to gain more access to HW development labs with new membership. Our current lab has restricted access which bars everyone but Gary and myself from contributing to the effort in the Bay Area.

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